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1. The product'providing back support to meet squat, bodybuilding , and training requirements.

2. The product is about 4 inches wide with a tapered design to better fit your body shape. It maintains a minimum contour around the core, ensuring the stability of the back, abdomen, and entire core.

3. The product has double roller claws made of stainless steel and a double car line structure. It is solid and durable with eight rows of holes that can be fully adjusted.

◆ Shell:Grain Leather  (patent leather) 

◆ Thickness : 8mm

◆  Waist Size : S : 22~29 inches  or 56~75cm 

                   S/M : 25~34 inches  or 64~86cm

                      M : 28~37 inches or 72~95cm

                       L : 34~41 inches or 86~105cm

           Custom made-1 : You can embroider your name, but use our fonts, and size needs to be within 41 inches or 105cm

          Custom made-2 : You can embroider your name and your fonts or picture, but size needs to be within 41 inches or 105cm

 Made in taiwan

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◆ S~L will be made and shipped within 8 workdays

◆Custom made will be made and shipped within 30 workday

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POISON is a brand which is focus on design with luxury leather, our design can cusotm by every different size also in different way to fit in lingerie . bodysuit . fashion and else !

bondage is not just the one which use in some particular type of style , we make everything possible!!!!


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